Terms and Conditions

Rental requirements

  • Be at least 25 years old. (See conditions for those under 25 years of age)
  • Identity document, Passport or Immigration Card
  • Valid driver’s license with issue time of 1 year.
  • Valid Credit Card with line available for warranty depending on vehicle model. The guarantee is not charged to the credit card, the amount is consulted and authorized by the issuing bank.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the rental contract, those presented at https://pacificadorperu.com/ and those specified in each promotion, if applicable.

Use of the service

Pacificar Rental’s vehicle rental service is exclusive for private use, and is not authorized for public transportation or goods.


To secure the rental, Pacificar Rental will contact the brand that supports the customer’s credit card: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express or Discovery and request that a fraction of their credit line be frozen on their card.

Once the vehicle is returned, Pacificar Rental immediately requests that said amount be released to the same brand as your credit card, with the bank issuing your card being the one in charge of processing the final operation so that the guarantee amount is reflected in your credit card. line available.

The minimum guarantees to be requested can be increased by 20% depending on the destination to which you are going or up to cover the total amount of the rental.

If you require further explanation about this procedure, please contact us.

Vehicle : Minimum warranty
Kia Picanto: $ 792.10
Kia Rio: $ 924.10
Nissan Versa: $ 924.10
Kia Cerato: $ 1056.12
Toyota Corolla: $ 1056.12
Chery Tiggo 7Pro: $ 1320.14
Kia Sorento: $ 1320.14

Aditional driver

They can only drive:

  • The Licensed client and their licensed spouse at no additional cost.
  • The cardholder responsible for the contract (No License) can delegate driving to another person by declaring it under his or her responsibility in the contract at no cost.
  • Any additional driver must also have a driver’s license issued one year ago.
  • Additional driver declared apart from the aforementioned alternatives has a cost of $ 3.98 per day and for each one.

Licensed minors under 23 years of age

Customers with a Valid Credit Card, ID, valid driver’s license, under 25 years of age and over 23 years of age; They qualify with an additional $ 17.97 per day. Likewise, additional drivers over 23 years old but under 25 years old.


  • The rates shown in steps 2 and 3 of the reservation module are not final prices. The final price or total service fee is shown when you make a quote in step 4 and includes IGV (18%).
  • The reservation guarantees the rates, otherwise these may vary without prior notice.
  • A grace period of 60 minutes is granted, as long as these 60 minutes are within the rental office’s operating hours. After this period, you will pay for overtime and after the 3rd overtime, you will be charged for a full day’s rent.
  • Technical failures in the reservation module are understood as unintentional errors. Pacificar Rental reserves the right to modify or cancel said reservations if they cause harm to the client and/or Pacificar Rental. Any modification due to a technical failure will be made considering the lowest rate available according to the original reservation data for the benefit of the client.


  • Online reservations are made with a minimum of 1 day in advance. If you need the vehicle immediately, we suggest checking directly with the rental office to confirm availability.
  • The reservation is confirmed once the rental payment has been made, otherwise the availability of the vehicle for the selected dates is not guaranteed.
  • Deliveries and returns of the vehicle are at the time, place and manner as selected in the reservation or agreed with the Pacificar Rental executive.
  • If the client indicates his airline and flight number, his reservation will remain valid in case of flight delay, upon arrival of the flight and in the absence of the client, it may be considered a “No Show”.
  • Provide the Pacificar Rental executive with all the information requested.
  • Vehicles are priced, reserved and controlled according to Category or Group and not based on make, color or model.
  • If the client does not show up within 60 minutes of the pick-up time, he or she will be considered a “no call/no show” and the reservation may be cancelled.

Coverage - General conditions

CDW, SLI, PAI coverage is included in the rental. The following conditions are essential for the coverage to take place: a) Immediately report the accident to the Traffic Police. b) Immediately inform Pacificar Rental. c) Submit the Police Report, Ethyl Dosage and Police Damage Assessment after the collision. that does not show:

    • Drunk state
    • Speeding
    • Collision against fixed objects
    • Violation of the contract or any contravention of traffic regulations or national laws.

Partial Collision Coverage (CDW)

This coverage reduces the responsibility of THE LESSEE in the event of damage caused to the rented Vehicle by Collision, Fire, Partial Theft, Total Theft, which covers the Total Value of the damage up to the limit of the commercial value of the rented vehicle.

THE LESSEE will assume 20% of the value of the claim, with a minimum deductible or excess of US$ 500.00 (plus VAT). Costs less than US$ 500.00 will not be required to use insurance and will be assumed by THE LESSEE. The use of the rented Vehicle in violation of the law or the conditions of the rental contract automatically cancels this coverage, making THE LESSEE liable up to the commercial value of the rented Vehicle.

Liability Coverage (SLI)

In the event that THE LESSEE and/or the declared drivers have Liability for Damage to Third Parties while driving the rented vehicle, the G&A insurer SERVIS BUSINESS PACIFIC SAC will pay damages to third parties for Civil Liability up to US$ 150,000 and up to US$ 30,000 for Civil Liability against Occupants, (maximum limit of occupants as indicated on the vehicle ownership card). THE LESSEE and/or declared drivers will assume the minimum deductible of US$ 500.00 or 20% of the compensable amount. Use of the rented vehicle in violation of the law or the conditions of the Rental Agreement voids this coverage.

Personal Accident Coverage (PAI)

THE LESSEE , the declared drivers and passengers (maximum limit of occupants as indicated on the ownership card of the Rented Vehicle) will be insured up to US$ 10,000 for death or permanent disability, up to US$ 2,000 for treatment expenses and up to US$ 1,000 for expenses of burial in case of Traffic Accidents while they are inside the rented vehicle. Costs for repairs not included in the contracted coverage, traffic violations, lost profits, fuel costs or others that imply a direct disbursement from G&A SERVIS BUSINESS PACIFIC SAC will be assumed by THE LESSEE .

Tire and glass coverage (CLV)

By purchasing this coverage, you are exempt from paying for damage to the vehicle’s tires, front windshield, rear windshield and side windows in the event that the accident is not the result of a collision.

In case of incidents, you must present: Police Report, Ethyl Dosage and Material Damage Expertise; If you do not obtain the documents, the contracted coverage will not cover the accident and you will be responsible for the commercial value of the Vehicle.

CDW coverage, minor dings, minor scratches and emblems (CCDW)

Extended CDW coverage with 100% protection in case of emblem theft and damage to the bodywork and/or paint of the rented Vehicle as a result of small bumps and scratches caused by acts of vandalism and/or bad faith of third parties. In case of incidents, you must present: Police Report, Ethyl Dosage and Material Damage Expertise; If you do not obtain the documents, the contracted coverage will not cover the accident and you will be responsible for the commercial value of the Vehicle.

Full Collision Coverage (Super CDW)

SCDW coverage exonerates you from paying the deductible for damages caused to the Rental Vehicle due to Collision, acts of vandalism and/or bad faith of third parties and for loss due to Total Theft. You are also covered in case of theft or damage to the following parts/accessories of the rental Vehicle: emblems, speakers, spare tire and rims, wheel cups, vehicle jack, wheel key, remote control and vehicle alarm, vehicle antenna and windshield wiper blades. The Super CDW does not cover punctures or tire patches, tow or towing expenses outside the limit of Metropolitan Lima, sound equipment, front and rear windshield, side windows, rearview mirrors, ignition key, property card and SOAT. This protection applies to rentals of at least 3 days.

In case of incidents, you must present: Police Report, Ethyl Dosage and Material Damage Expertise; If you do not obtain the documents, the contracted coverage will not cover the accident and you will be responsible for the commercial value of the Vehicle.

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