In this section you will find all the most frequently asked questions to clarify your doubts about renting a vehicle.
If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

The minimum requirements to be able to rent a car are:

  • Be at least 25 years old.
  • Identity document, passport or immigration card.
  • Valid driver’s license issued for one year.
  • Credit card with line available for guarantee.

Yes, Partial Collision Coverage (CDW), Civil Liability Coverage (SLI) and Personal Traffic Accident Coverage (PAI) are included in the rental at no additional cost.

For more information review the Terms and Conditions.

No, according to Peruvian law you can drive with the driver’s license from your country of origin for up to 6 months from your entry into the country.

Car deliveries and returns are at the Pacificar office or in the main parking lot of the Jorge Chávez International Airport. You also ask about our delivery and return service to hotels, offices and homes.

Of course. By renting a car at Pacificar you can travel freely throughout the country.

The only vehicle that is only for use within Lima is the Kia Picanto, since it has a small engine that is not recommended for traveling on the road, in addition to guaranteeing the care of this type of unit.

If your car breaks down, call us immediately at +511 340 4305 or +51 980 654 252 for advice.

You cannot travel outside of Peru with the rented car.

The car rental service is not exempt from paying IGV, so every foreign tourist has to pay IGV when renting a car in Peru.

You consult with the entity that supports your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) for an amount depending on the vehicle to be rented. This amount is frozen at the beginning of the rental and when you return the car we request its release.

At the moment we only rent our own vehicles and do not receive cars or trucks from third parties.

You cannot return the car in another city other than Lima.

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