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CCDW Coverage – $ 15.79/day

Extended CDW coverage with 100% protection in case of theft of emblems and damage to the bodywork and/or paint of the rented Vehicle as a result of small bumps and minor scratches caused by acts of vandalism and/or bad faith of third parties.

CLV Coverage – $ 18.43/day

By purchasing this coverage, you are exempt from paying for damage to the tires, front windshield, rear windshield and side windows of the vehicle in the event that the accident is not the result of a collision.

SCDW Coverage – $ 39.48/day

The SCDW coverage exempts you from paying the deductible for damages caused to the Rental Vehicle due to Collision, acts of vandalism and/or bad faith of third parties and for loss due to Total Theft. You are also covered in case of theft or damage to the following parts/accessories of the rental Vehicle: emblems, speakers, spare tire and rims, wheel cups, vehicle jack, wheel key, remote control and vehicle alarm, vehicle antenna and windshield wiper blades. The Super CDW does not cover punctures or tire patches, tow or towing expenses outside the limit of Metropolitan Lima, sound equipment, front and rear windshield, side windows, rearview mirrors, ignition key, property card and SOAT.

Additional driver – $ 3.95/day

They can only drive:

  • The Licensed client and their licensed spouse at no additional cost.
  • The cardholder responsible for the contract (No License) can delegate driving to another person by declaring it in the contract under their responsibility at no cost.
  • Any additional driver must also have a driver's license issued one year ago.
To add any other driver, an Additional Driver must be hired (a maximum of 2 additional drivers can be hired).

Extension to 350 km per day – $13.16/day

Extends the mileage limit from 250 km to 350 km per day.

Unlimited mileage – $ 30.27/day

Travel without limitations and freely through Peru with the unlimited mileage option.

Vehicle phone holder – $ 1.58/day

Use your cell phone safely and comfortably when driving the vehicle.


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